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About Our Company


We opened our doors in November 2011. Our vision is to help people by offering a service they could be happy with in their business or home. It is our wish to fulfill the needs of our customers while we grow our company. We give our customers quality products from our retail store and complete care in our cleaning services, and our services are offered statewide. TopKat Cleaning provides cleaning on most floor types including vinyl, tile, terrazzo, wood floors, ceramic tile, carpet, rugs, and furniture. Our goal is to bring customers floors back to their natural appearance or find solutions to their needs.

We decided we would like to help our customers even more by selling them good quality products that range from vacuum sweepers, cleaners, disinfectants, to toiletry supplies which is why we have set up our cleaning supply store.  Our store is available to all walk-ins, whether you are commercial or residential, who have cleaning care needs.  Here at TopKat, our customers deserve the best and that is why we get our supplies from Spectrum Janitorial Supply.  We believe it is essential to establish good communication while we, most of the time, educate our customers in the process. We consider it important to have a good working relationship and a positive attitude with our customers and the people who are part of the TopKat Cleaning team.

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Our Team

Why Choose Us

We put our customers first.

TopKat Floor Cleaning is the best customer experience that you will ever receive. We understand the importance of our customers and appreciate each and every one of them.

We deliver a great product in a timely manner.

Although we are very detailed in our work, we understand that the ability to finish on time is very important. We begin each project on time, and end on time as well.

We love what we do.

At TopKat, our passion for cleaning and excellence really shows in every aspect of our business.