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"TopKat always provides top-notch work and great customer satisfaction. They always do awesome work and my floors look great!"

Martha Dalton- Westmore Township, Owner

"My floors always look so nice after TopKat cleans and polishes it! They did a good job of explaining the cleaning process also. I was treated very well!"

Trent Moore- Sav-Mor, Manager

"These guys are always prompt and professional with all the work they complete for us. They do a great job of helping me understand the best ways to keep my floors clean. Thank you!"


Trudy Jacobs - Del's Popcorn Express, Owner

"Excellent Job!! I could not be any happier with TopKat. They are top notch with us at Sloan's! Keep up the fantastic service!"

Rodney M. Carls- Sloan Implement Co., Manager